About Symphony MedDent Solutions

Leading the Way in Mobile On – Sight Care Solutions


has been delivering mobile, high tech, patient-centered, point-of-care Dental and Medical systems since 1991. Today, more than ever, mobile services are the answer to traditional dental practices.


We make it possible to bring care to the patient. A mobile solution moves the treatment to where it matters most to the patient – including assisted living facilities, private homes, and workplaces.

Symphony’s vision is to transform the way dental care is delivered to the patient thereby improving increasing access for patients while improving their overall experience and their health in general.

Our team designs custom, state-of-the-art Mercedes Mobile Systems equipped with the latest technology, including aerosol evacuation, 3D and digital imaging, lasers, and diagnostic equipment. Unlike others, ours is a turnkey approach, from conception through implementation, we provide the Mobile with your enhancements. We have over 30 years of experience in developing point-of-care healthcare solutions.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of providing professional hygiene services at the point of care, where patients prefer it most.

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